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Special Promotions

Galileo charity event in Oct-Nov2016

Validity : from 18-Oct-2016 to 17-Nov-2016


First 700 international ticket, every week for all airlines in September 2016, Excitement and Fun Trip to Bokor

Validity : from 01-Sep-2016 to 30-Sep-2016


1USD per 3 tickets on PG (Jul-Sep16)

Validity : from 01-Jul-2016 to 30-Sep-2016



Validity : from 28-May-2016 to 28-Jun-2016


1USD/ 3 TICKETS WITH ALL AIRLINE (First 840 tk/week)

Validity : from 01-Mar-2016 to 31-Mar-2016


Galileo Bowling Tournament, G-corner Club

Validity : from 01-May-2015 to 31-May-2015


Promotion trip to KPS & Workshop 2015

Validity : from 01-Aug-2015 to 30-Sep-2015


Ticket with Cambodia Angkor Air & Galileo

Validity : from 01-Jun-2015 to 31-Jul-2015


Galileo Charity 2015

Validity : from 01-Sep-2015 to 30-Nov-2015


Galileo Bowling Tournament

Validity : from 01-Aug-2014 to 31-Aug-2014


Promotion ticket, December 2014

Validity : from 01-Dec-2014 to 31-Dec-2014


Travel. Inspired by Bangkok Airways & Galileo

Validity : from 01-Aug-2014 to 31-Aug-2014


Charity, the hope of Cambodia Children 2014

Validity : from 01-Sep-2014 to 30-Sep-2014


First 2000 tickets

Validity : from 01-Feb-2014 to 28-Feb-2014


More Bonus, More Fun

Validity : from 01-Sep-2013 to 30-Sep-2013