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Galileo Ticket Management (GTM)

Galileo Ticket Management (GTM)

  • A web-base online tool in which enable a private access to BSP or Sub agents in controlling and checking of all convenient ticket issued reports via: 
  • Manage your business online anytime and anywhere
  • Full report information of ticket issued. 
Benefit of GTM
  • Provide BSP/Sub Agents a full control all of their ticket issued from daily to yearly or selected period quickly and effectively.
  • Able to check in which types of ticket issued are OPEN, REFUND, or VOID.
  • Enable to check of which username of ticketing staff who issued the ticket.
  • Actively search by Date, Reservation PCC , and Ticketing PCC. 
  • View status reports online or download reports into Microsoft® Excel for more advanced data manipulation and reporting.
  • All growing incomes and payable of your business are in your hand.
  • Click to check detail information of each an every ticket issued.
  • The report of ticket issued is permanently long term stored in online.