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Travelport Universal Desktop

Travelport Universal Desktop


One window, a world of choice

Bringing innovation to the heart of your operation

Do you tap various sources and platforms to find the best travel content for your clients? It can make it difficult to finalize trips, serve customers, and perform the vital functions of your agency. Travelport Universal Desktop is an innovative booking solution that unifies selling and merchandising into a single platform, and provides access to a world of multisource content.


Endless revenue opportunities


Built to help corporate and leisure travel agencies become more productive and profitable, this groundbreaking development empowers agencies of every size and complexity. Travelport Universal Desktop provides endless revenue opportunities by providing the ability to sell optional extras, such as fee-based seats and baggage allowance, and displaying relevant travel supplier destination options during the selling process.


Tools to save time and money


Travelport Universal Profile frees you from costly, ineffective processes with a system that gives you flexibility and central control to manage profile and policy information, eliminating the ineffective synchronization and dependence on multiple systems. This advanced profiling system also enhances your workflows and customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities.

Travelport Universal Record combines all itinerary components, regardless of where or how a booking occurred. Shopping, booking and servicing across multiple suppliers are integrated for real-time quality control, database services and back-office reporting, improving your efficiency and reducing operating costs.


Benefits and features at a glance: 


  • Shop content from multiple sources within a single system
  • Create itineraries that price multiple trip components at once to reduce repetitive tasks, save time and improve productivity
  • Access integrated optional extras and relevant destination options during the selling process
  • Eliminate time-consuming and costly processes with innovative quality control and productivity tools