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Galileo Terminal (GT)


Simple internet access to Travelport Galileo or Travelport Apollo

Today, with more and more travelers handling their own travel plans, your need for flexibility and mobility can be a game-changer .  swiss replica watches of rolex,patek philippe,breitling replica online shop sale. Have a laptop, tablet or PC but not in the office? Anywhere you can access the internet you can tap into the Travelport Galileo or Travelport Apollo and address your customers’ needs. 

Through your replica watches secure log in, the GalileoTerminal solution employs the same commands as the Galileo Focalpoint™ application allowing you to search and book flights, work reservations, issue tickets and more. Startup is easy – no installation or software to download. Just access the portal and enter your user name and password to sign in. 

Benefits and features at a glance: 

  • Use flexible formats you’re used to, plus intuitive shortcuts that perform routine host commands 
  • Open a reservation in GalileoTerminal and the itinerary is retrieved for display on your customer’s Travelport ViewTrip Web page 
  • Send free texts, itineraries and e-tickets to your traveler’s mobile device through an advanced short message service (SMS) 
  • Protect the privacy of your business, your customers and transactions through secured access to Travelport Galileo and Travelport Apollo via secure socket layer (SSL) encryption

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